Avintiv launches high performance NOVAGRYL S.

NOVAGRYL S is a 15 gsm nonwoven high performance agricultural product specifically designed for use in transporting young plants on trolleys in nursery environments. It is a high extensibility fleece (approximately 200 %) that can be used as replacement for stretch wrapping. The insulating properties ensure that sensitive products don’t suffer from temperature changes during transportation and temporary storage.

Conventional stretch wrapping has a significant thermal effect and can raise the temperatures around young plants, that could induce thermal shock in the young plants.

The temperature gradient is less significant with Novagryl S. Its highly permeable structure allows sensitive young plant to remain safe even under summer conditions, whilst the highly elastic structure allows secure wrapping and helps prevent trolleys to stick together during carriage, which aids unloading.

For more information on the product click here or contact us on +33 3 89 72 47 40

or agrylnovagryl@avintiv.com

Novagryl S has been awarded at SIVAL Trade show in Angers (France). Please  visit                                http://www.sivaldor.fr/fiberweb-france-sas/ and vote by clicking on the stars!

Novagryl S

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