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Novagryl P60 (60gsm)

Specifically developed as a vertical cover for container plants and in arboriculture for young trees. The high weight maximises the wind barrier needed to protect plants from greater wind exposure and maintain the thermal effect.


Ornamentals ►

Ornamentals includes lawn, young trees and ornamentals in nurseries. Fleece is used for overwintering of the plants in container and ensures an optimal winter protection against:

  • breaking of the exposed parts of the plants (frost, snow, wind)
  • dehydration of twigs, buds and leaves (conifers and evergreen plants)
  • bursting of branches
  • asphyxiation of the roots
  • freezing of the plant
  • sudden variations of temperature

It also protects the lawns in the case of global sowing or in case of overseeding.

OrnamentalsTrees, Shrubs and Perennials, Lawn

Novagryl P60 (60gsm)

Novagryl P60 (60gsm)

Developed for the more demanding over-windering application with the extra exposure of a vertical installation Novagryl P60 combines heavier weight to create the required thermal effect with the air resistance to mainting these temperatures.

Length Single Width Welded Width
100m 1.6m (S) -
100m 3.2m (S) -
100m 4.8m (S) -
(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge
All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the laying easy.

Application Technology

Plants such as young trees and containerised plants require a protective winter environment in nursery situations where a horizontal protective layer cannot be applied over the crop. In these cases a vertical style of covering is used. This creates a significantly larger surface area which may be more exposed to wind and driven moisture.

As a heavy weight fleece, Agryl P60 retains a greater degree of heat within the microclimate it creates. Stability of this is increased by a relatively low permeabitliy which blocks wind ingress. This also reduces instances of driven rain penetrating the cover and reaching the plants. As a fleece product, Novagryl P60 retains the breathability that is needed to support the plants over the winter period.


Novagryl P60 (60gsm)Novagryl P60 (60gsm)
Open Fields

Open Fields ►

Open Field applications require a robust fleece design with the ability for farmers to specify the exact performance requirements for their needs. Strength, moisture and light management and durablity are all critical.

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel ►

In glass house application, insect barrier, light transmission and shade are key to ensuring higher yields, less spoiling and closer control of the growth process.

Garden Nursery

Garden Nursery ►

During Nursery growth, young plants are susceptible at lower levels of exposure than on maturation. Additional protective measures are often required to protect against damage.