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Novagryl P22 (22gsm)

Novagryl P22 is a mid to heavy weight general purpose crop cover. The additional weight improves the physical strength and robustness during installation and use. Both thermal insulation and abrasion resistance are also improved, resulting in a higher level of protection for demanding crops in demanding environments.

Root and bulb vegetables

Root and bulb vegetables ►

Crops such as Radish, Carrot and Crops from the Allium family. All these vegetables are mainly sown. Their growth and yield can be enhanced by a structure that maintains the hygrometry necessary to improve the germination rate. Fleece with good homogeneity can prevent damage and compaction in the soil structure. Combined with rain this can cause the formation of a "crust" that is hard for seedlings to pierce. Crop cover creates a good thermal effect which improves seedling growth.

Root and bulb vegetablesRadish, Rutabaga, Turnip, Carrots, Onion, Fennel, Celeriac, Beetroot

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruits

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruits ►

Typical crops include strawberry, melon, zucchini, & cucumber. These plants have rough leaves and stems which can abrade and penetrate floating row covers. These vegetables, usually planted, need temperature and humidity to take properly. They generally have an important vegetative development

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruitsStrawberries, Gherkins, Marrow / Zucchini / Squash, Melon, Peppers, Tomatoes

Leaf and stem vegetables

Leaf and stem vegetables ►

These vegetables can be either sown or planted. Planted crops are generally sensitive to shocks caused by temperature and humidity variation. Using a floating row cover can significantly reduce the risk of these shocks. Sown crops require a fleece to reduce crusting and maintain the humidity and thermal effect necessary to have a uniform germination. They generally have an important vegetative development.

Leaf and stem vegetablesFrench Endive/Witloof, Asparagus, Leek, Lettuce, Spinach, Parsley, Lamb's lettuce, Endive


Ornamentals ►

Ornamentals includes lawn, young trees and ornamentals in nurseries. Fleece is used for overwintering of the plants in container and ensures an optimal winter protection against:

  • breaking of the exposed parts of the plants (frost, snow, wind)
  • dehydration of twigs, buds and leaves (conifers and evergreen plants)
  • bursting of branches
  • asphyxiation of the roots
  • freezing of the plant
  • sudden variations of temperature

It also protects the lawns in the case of global sowing or in case of overseeding.

OrnamentalsTrees, Shrubs and Perennials, Lawn

Novagryl P22 (22gsm)

Novagryl P22 (22gsm)

This product offers extended durability and thermicity for farmers who required strong performance in continuously exposed environments. Typically this will farms in more northerly countries, those planting sensitive crops in more demanding climates or installations with significant exposure to winds.

Length Single Width Welded Width
250m - 6.60m (S)
250m - 10.50m (R)
250m - 12.75m (R)
(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge
All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the laying easy.

Application Technology

Novagryl P22 is a mid to heavy weight floating row crop cover when the combined demands of a challenging crop and exposed installations need to be satisfied. As a further increase to the performance over light and mid weight products, P22 has a mechanical strength of 47% of the base P17. Matched with an an increase in toughness of 47% Novagryl P22 is harder to penetrate and stronger once installed than products for less demanding applications.

Increased mechanical strength is also beneficial where protected crops are abrasive such as strawberries and cucumbers. Lower strength fleece products exposed to continuous contact with abrasive crops can experience holes and loss of integrity.

Novagryl creates a growth enhancing micro-climate due to carefully selected materials and open structure which giving a low thermicity value, with high air flow. This results in a more uniform temperature (across the field), less variations due to day/night and retention of the radiant heat stored by soil during the day.

Farmers have the scope to water and fertilize crops to further optimise the yield without removing the crop cover due to the porous structure of the fleece. Novagryl has an exceptionally highly porous structure and the exceptionally low hydrostatic head allows rapid water pass through, which combined with low absorbency enables the product to remain light weight for longer - resulting in less risk of wind damage.

To optimise the use of crop cover, Agryl is available in a wide range of custom and standard sized rolls up to 28m wide. This reduces installation time through minimum roll changes, fewer traverses of the field and less product waste.

Novagryl P22 (22gsm)Novagryl P22 (22gsm)Novagryl P22 (22gsm)
Open Fields

Open Fields ►

Open Field applications require a robust fleece design with the ability for farmers to specify the exact performance requirements for their needs. Strength, moisture and light management and durablity are all critical.