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AGRYL I Insect Protection Net

Insect damage and virus spread is minimised by controlling the vectors - specifically insect movement. These can be reduced by protecting crops with a pesticide free physical barrier. Floating row cover offer a new approach to conventional multisection net products by enabling protection with a lower upfront capital investment, allowing farmers to spread their investment into other activities.

Root and bulb vegetables

Root and bulb vegetables ►

Crops such as Radish, Carrot and Crops from the Allium family. All these vegetables are mainly sown. Their growth and yield can be enhanced by a structure that maintains the hygrometry necessary to improve the germination rate. Fleece with good homogeneity can prevent damage and compaction in the soil structure. Combined with rain this can cause the formation of a "crust" that is hard for seedlings to pierce. Crop cover creates a good thermal effect which improves seedling growth.

Root and bulb vegetablesRadish, Rutabaga, Turnip, Carrots, Onion, Fennel, Celeriac, Beetroot

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruits

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruits ►

Typical crops include strawberry, melon, zucchini, & cucumber. These plants have rough leaves and stems which can abrade and penetrate floating row covers. These vegetables, usually planted, need temperature and humidity to take properly. They generally have an important vegetative development

Fruit vegetables, cucurbits and soft fruitsStrawberries, Gherkins, Marrow / Zucchini / Squash, Melon, Peppers, Tomatoes

Young Plants

Young Plants ►

Young plants include both vegetables and ornamentals that are grown under cover in nurseries before planting.
To maintain the optimum temperature and soil humidity, planted seeds are covered with Agryl. The plant growth is then early and uniform.
The duration of covering depends on the sensitivity of the species to high temperature.

Young PlantsYoung Plants

Agryl I (12gsm)

Agryl I (12gsm)

Agryl I is designed as a new approach to the economics of protecting crops from insects. Created as a super light weight product, it allows high air circulation and heat dissipation whilst offering chemical free insect protection for a wide range of crops

Length Single Width Welded Width
250m - 4.5m (S)
250m - 6.5m (S)
250m - 11m (S)
(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge

All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the laying easy.

Application Technology

The integral barrier is created through the use of continuous filaments of inert Polypropylene. Covered crops exist in an enclosed area that is difficult for insects to penetrate, preventing the deposition of larvae. It is most effective against insects including

  • Carrot flies
  • Cabbage maggots (Cabbage, Turnips, Radish)
  • Leaf miners (Beets, Spinach, Tomatoes)
  • Flea beetles (Brassicas)
  • Beet flies (Tomatoes, Beets, Spinach)
  • Aphids (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Beets)

Conventional floating row enclosures can result in heat build-up and subsequently crop-burn in Spring / Summer use. Designed to overcome this, the combination of light weight, an open structure and controlled perforation increases the movement of air through this enclosure. Higher air movement reduces heat build-up and hence saleable output.

Insect Cover is a highly cost effective solution to protecting crops. Optimised against netting, it offers significantly lower coverage cost per unit area whilst being strong enough to last for a spring /summer season when protected from animals.

As a disposable solution, farmers also experience reductions in stock and storage compared to multi season nets and simpler rewinding at the end of the season.

Agryl I (12gsm)Agryl I (12gsm)Agryl I (12gsm)
Open Fields

Open Fields ►

Open Field applications require a robust fleece design with the ability for farmers to specify the exact performance requirements for their needs. Strength, moisture and light management and durablity are all critical.

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel ►

In glass house application, insect barrier, light transmission and shade are key to ensuring higher yields, less spoiling and closer control of the growth process.