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Typically planted over winter and protected until the end of April. Early Potatoes are the most common example of these crops.

Tubers are generally grown on mound beds and have an important vegetative development.

Early Potatoes

Early Potatoes

Planted over winter with a growth period of typically 90 days across most climates. Agryl is recommended usually in mid weights for harsher territories, dependant on prevailing conditions and lighter weights in southern Europe. Earlier harvests of up to 15-21 days can be achieved.
In these applications the fleece is providing an effective mechanism for climatic protection. Tubers benefit from a warming of the soil and as a consequence the quality and the earliness of the yield is improved.

Agryl P17 (17gsm)

Agryl P17 (17gsm) ►

Agryl 17 uniquely combines the open structure and breathability required for strong growth with light weight strength for a wide range of agricultural crops and farming environments. Proven over 30 years Agryl is routinely used year round in over 40 countries.

Length Single Width Welded Width
250m 2.2m (S) 4.1m (S)
250m - 6.5m (S)
250m - 8.5m (S)
250m - 10.5m (R)
250m - 12.75m (R)
250m - 16m (R)
(S) Standard Edge (R) Reinforced Edge
All our fleece are Z folded, which makes the laying easy.

Open Fields

Open Fields ►

Open Field applications require a robust fleece design with the ability for farmers to specify the exact performance requirements for their needs. Strength, moisture and light management and durablity are all critical.

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel

Green Houses & Plastic Tunnel ►

In glass house application, insect barrier, light transmission and shade are key to ensuring higher yields, less spoiling and closer control of the growth process.